Ava's Dream

Ava's Dream
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Ava’s  summer  vacation began with anticipation and excitement as she awaited the opening of her town’s Grand Park. She never envisioned by seeking fairness and equity for a friend with the guidance from Ava’s tenacious grandfather, this summer would evolve into a journey of learning, hope, and life-long appreciation for her country, the United States of America. Will Ava at last understand the reason why her father gave his life in its service? Follow Ava as she pursues her dream.

MESSAGE FROM AUTHOR:  Welcome all readers and thank you for allowing me to share with you an important part of the amazing story of our United States Constitution. Ava’s Dream travels beyond the unbelievable and well-known tale of our Founding Fathers who risked their careers, their families, and their own lives to start a new country by revolting against the awesome power of Great Britain and its ruler, King George III. We all know our revolution was successful; what followed, however, truly was the most incredible part of our history.

Think of sitting at your desk while attempting to write a plan the government and people of our new country will follow forever; a plan which would provide the means to justice and freedom for all, which were previously denied. What would you write? How would you begin.

Our Founding Fathers decided to start with these three words, “We the People...” Clearly they were saying we wanted to govern ourselves. For almost 250 years we have done just that, governed ourselves. Governance has not been perfect - no human is. While sometimes taking two steps forward and one step back, we continuously persevere.
What has been the single most important key to our success? How have we been able to keep on the path of self-governance without finding ourselves lost in the woods? My hope is the tale told in this book answers, in large part, these questions. It is also my wish that the readers, many of whom are the future safe-keepers of our nation, will remember the importance of this lesson as you continue on your path as one of “We the People.”     ~ Joseph Ridgway

Joseph J. Ridgway is a New Jersey attorney who has practiced law for over forty-five years. Ridgway is a graduate of Seton Hall University, where he majored in psychology. He is also a graduate of Rutgers School of Law (JD) and Temple University School of Law (LLM in Taxation). Over the course of his legal and academic career as an adjunct instructor, Ridgway has taught American history, business law, and criminal law at various New Jersey and Pennsylvania colleges and universities.

In addition to writing children’s literature historical fiction, Ridgway is an award-winning poet, being consistently nominated for numerous prestigious Pushcart Prizes for his stellar poetry. Further, the author is an accomplished essayist, with his writings appearing in a variety of nationwide publications.

Ridgway lives in Marlton, New Jersey with his wife Diane and their rescue dog Sadie.

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