Green Pieces: One Piece At a Time

Green Pieces: One Piece At a Time
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Green Pieces: One Pieces At a Time is written and illustrated by International awarding winning cartoonist/author Drew Aquilina.  Green Pieces is an extraordinary cartoon collection profiling nature in a humorous way providing educators and parents with an effective, fun environmental platform. All of nature serves as the setting for the characters in this collection of 128 hand drawn cartoon strips.  In his third compilation, Aquilina uses his love of the environment as inspiration for this entertaining cartoon strip.  As the seasons turn, this hilarious book explores how turtles, dragonflies, frogs, raccoons, birds, deer, squirrels and nature’s denizens coexist, even when man intrudes on their surroundings.  Complete book information may be found at  Enjoy a daily chuckle at and

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