Note to Gibbs

Note to Gibbs
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Chronicles one man's love for his dog through quips and life's instructions and illustrations.


Foreword by Laurie Natoro

There are few things more readily able to melt a heart than the furiously wagging behind of a puppy, so anxious to meet and lick the nose of even a perfect stranger. Whether an honest burst of unbridled happiness or a calculated ploy to ensnare a belly scratch or a cookie, the wagging fanny is often the first experience we have when meeting a future companion for the first time. Their excitement becomes our excitement, their love opens the door for our love to run straight to the nearest pet store, buy the comfiest, fluffiest bed, the most dashing collar and, if they’re cute enough, a sweater and possibly matching booties.

            What is it about he wagging fanny that breaks us down in seconds flat, reverts our regular speaking voices into ones several octaves higher and enables our brains to produce fifteen nicknames in as many seconds? Is it magic, an inane talent for magnetism, or slight of hand that permits us to not exactly see one paw on the couch, followed slinkily by a second, third and then fourth, until sleepy eyes begin to close in your lap? The instant look, worthy of a Method actor, that transforms the snout, implores the eyes and deflates the ears after you’ve informed them that this is the last treat, making resistance futile in the matter of an encore jerky strip. Don’t even try; just hand it over, pally. It’s the last one when I say it’s the last one!

            Honestly, I believe it’s nothing short of dog craft, the enchanting ability of a dog to be there whenever we need them, for knowing what we’re thinking and the gift of making their farts hilarious, particularly when they are looking for them. How else can you explain the uncanny ability of dogs to tell us pretty much what they’re thinking without saying a word, just eliciting a hop, wag or pant, and most of that time, the message is something awfully nice. The unadorned lean-in that makes everything seem just that much better and says, without even a look, that you are so wanted. The nuzzle in the morning that says, “I’m up, so you be up, too!” The paw on the knee that tells you that we are not only friends, but we are partners, too. You for me, me for you. Forever, wherever we go.

            Few partnerships could convey that connection more than that of Gibbs and his buddy, Pierre.  The dog craft that exists between those two is woven, delightful and cheeky. They travel together, live together, joke together, and take care of one another, despite doggie door mishaps, night time gas attacks, eating poo (rarely on Pierre’s part) and toilet bowl play. Pierre’s notes to Gibbs are nothing short of Pierre’s own wagging tail; the loyalty goes both ways, equally as fierce. It’s a fine pairing, as Gibbs, still really a puppy with a wagging fanny himself, tests the waters and Pierre gently but hysterically guides him along, imparting wisdom, advice, and the demand that no matter what, even when good dogs do bad dog things, they still love each other.

            Here’s my Note to Gibbs, Pierre, and everybody under the spell of dog craft: The love is always there in that wagging fanny; you just have to wag a little back.

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