Postcards Home 2: Adventures Begin With the First Step

Postcards Home 2: Adventures Begin With the First Step
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Author and most traveled photographer W.D. Mast  returns with his sequel travel memoir recanting the adventures he experienced over 30 years, shared in short adventurous essays and complemented with vivid, representative photographic imagery and validated with the actual photo postcards he sent while traveling to those wonderful places. This unique compilation style including some of the over 1,000 postcards he sent that were kept and returned to him by recipients made his first book an award-winning favorite.

Mast has earned the title of most traveled photographer with a long list of adventures, including skiing off the Swiss Alps and parasailing 7000 feet to the village below; bungee jumping off a 120-foot bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand; being chased from a Kenyan tent camp by a charging elephant; finding himself confronted, eye to eye, with a white rhino and her young calf while on an Zambian walking safari; taking the longest train journey ~ 9300 miles, from London to Hong Kong; traveling by train and 4X4 truck across US and Canada: and much more.

As a result of Mast’s many journeys, he has produced over 120,000 Kodachrome slides. From selected worldwide images, he has created fine art limited editions for collectors and commercial use.  Additionally, Mast’s photographic artworks have been presented at the best juried shows/festivals in Arizona, where he now lives. His photography has appeared in magazines and books, nationwide. Most recently, travel photography was featured in his recently published book, Postcards Home. To date, Mast has produced nine, limited edition, photography books which highlight international and southwest photography. Mast’s real, of-the-moment, untouched photography has been featured in Maricopa County, Arizona galleries and statewide as distinctive artwork and home decor.

Rod Kennedy, President of the Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City wrote the Foreward for Mast’s second travel essay odyssey. Mr. Kennedy, the renowned dietiology expert, states Postcards Home 2 provides exciting and colorful glimpses of life around the world captured by Mast that the armchair traveler can enjoy in his or her living room, much like albums filled with travel postcards from friends were treasured over 100 years ago at the turn of the 20th century. Mast’s desire to backpack and travel around the world is the central key that makes his books possible. Along the way, he uses his camera to capture and journal on film the exotic places he has visited. Additionally, he writes a daily journal of stories and adventures.

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